How cute are these crayons?  Would you believe that you can eat them?  Yes, we are serious!  This is a great activity to do at home with children over the holidays.  It is easy and fun for all!

Here is what to use:

  pretzel rods

  vanilla icing (Room Temperature)

–  food coloring

  colored paper

  color printer


How to make them:

Break the pretzel rods in half.  Put the icing in a bowl (one bowl per color).  Then, mix in the food coloring.  Dip the tips of each pretzel in the icing.  Let the pretzels sit for a few hours so that the icing can harden a bit.  You can also try doing this with melted white chocolate or candy melts.  While the icing is hardening print and cut out labels for your crayons according to the colors of icing selected.  After the icing hardened wrap the labels around the pretzel rod and secure it with tape.  You can add a Christmas spin to thus by using holiday colors such as red, green and white.



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