Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, but there is a lot of meaning to it more than just turkey and pumpkin pie. The day is about giving thanks for all of our blessings and remembering all of the good things in our life. If you want to teach your kids the importance of Thanksgiving you will first need to decide exactly why Thanksgiving is important to you. Once you have determined all the things that are important to you about the Thanksgiving holiday you will then have no trouble teaching your children. The following tips will probably help you out.

Talk About it
Your kids are little sponges and can learn anything. However, you must teach them. So, talk about the importance of Thanksgiving each and every year. Begin your discussions a few weeks before the holiday and talk about the meal, who you will be sharing the day with, and what it means to you. As your kids hear you talking about Thanksgiving they will learn what the day is all about and take on your same feelings and traditions regarding the day.

Show Them
The most important thing you can do about teaching your children the importance of Thanksgiving is to show them. If you talk all year about how special Thanksgiving is and how you should give thanks and share the day with family but come the actual day you do none of the above then your kids wont put a lot of stock in the day. So, if you have special traditions on Thanksgiving Day make them a big deal, have your children take part in them with you, and continue explaining why you are doing what you are doing. Kids are really smart and they will catch on very quickly.


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