We welcome our parents and students as we start another awesome school year at CFCDC. The following article will give you tips in helping you and your child make a smooth transition into the school year:

Easing Into Preschool

Preschool provides a wonderful opportunity for your child to make new friends, socialize, and learn from an adult. Starting preschool is an exciting (and sometimes nervous!) time for little ones and parents. A few tips might help you and your child get off on the right foot.

 Take it up!

Share your excitement about school with your child. Focus on the fun things they learn during the year, and all the different things they will get to do. If you’re excited, your child will be too!

Clear the decks

Clear away a special area in your house for your child’s bookbag and jacket. Establish a routine that puts your child in charge of clearing out and hanging up the backpack each day. This will make the morning rush a little less hectic.

Good Night, Mom

Find some quiet time at the end of each day to share. Take a few minutes to talk about their feelings and their day at school. You’ll both sleep better!

Kiss, hug, goodbye!

Prolonged goodbyes at the preschool door can be hard for little ones. Establish a drop off routine that works for you and your child. Then, keep it the same and stick to it! A quick kiss, hug, and goodbye should send you on your way. Most tears end quickly as teachers engage your child in something fun and exciting. Some kids need several weeks to transition into their new classroom. Give it time, and don’t give up!